About StepUp

StepUp Story

It all started in 2015 from a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, an established company and a group students who had this idea of measuring breathing to help sportspeople. And it turned out that the feedback the team gathered was very engaging. Combined with the ardent desire of the founders to become entrepreneurs, StepUp Air was born. The project was further developed until November 2016 when the founders started the adventure full time. They are now supported by Danish public funding. Today, the team has grown to 18 hard-working people, giving their best to make StepUp Air a success!

StepUp Team

Charles H. Gayot
Charles H. GayotCo-founder
Engineer, but maybe more entrepreneur.
Dana Cobzaru
Dana CobzaruLead Design Engineer
Passionate about creating products that make life easier.
Shivangi Singhal
Shivangi Singhal HR Manager
Nicolas Dulong
Nicolas DulongElectrical Engineer
Marcos González Díaz
Marcos González DíazEmbedded Programmer
Rafiqul Hasan Siddiqui
Rafiqul Hasan SiddiquiBusiness Content Writer
Thomas Gresty
Thomas GrestySocial Media Manager
Amit Moriani
Amit Moriani Business Developer
Imaiyan Kavin
Imaiyan KavinBiomedical engineer
Marius Paleckis
Marius PaleckisBusiness Developer
Charly VergéApp/Cloud Developer
Mathieu Stieglitz Software Developer
Andrei StoicaData Engineer
Karthick VellaiappanProduct Designer
Jakob SandmanProduct Designer
Jonas NischalkeLogistics and Operations
Sarah V.Business Developer & HR Manager
Romain SaboretEmbedded Software & Electrical Engineer
You?Dream job
Enthusiastic person looking for an adventure.

Advisory Board

Niklas Hall
Niklas HallEntrepreneur
Co-founder & CEO / CFO at Acumex.
Per Monberg
Per MonbergTrusted advisor
Business development and Sales optimisation expert.
John Christensen
John ChristensenHardware expert
CTO & Partner at Immediad.
Kristian Lund
Kristian LundStartup advisor
Business Consultant and Project Manager at Væksthus.

Tips for applying

We’re a bunch of cool guys and girls (of course, why would we say the opposite) working together as a team. We believe that work is fun, providing you an environment for you to blossom – both professionally and personally. And please don’t be formal. We may not be your friend (yet), but don’t call us “Dear”. Just say “Hi”!

Skills, motivation and personality: that’s what we care about when receiving applications.
Curiosity over expertise. We don’t expect you to excel at everything the job requires. We need you to be curious and learn quickly. Because we’re a startup, a significant part of the work won’t necessarily be within your specific field of expertise. But don’t be confused, we still like to see that they are things we can trust you on. Highlight this in your CV, not that you’ve been a cashier for six months.

Motivation will make you stand out of the crowd. Of course, being an triathlete or a former swimmer in a national team is definitely a plus. But great team are not made out of similar people. Explain what makes you crave this job and why is it your dream to work with us.
Tell us about your passion(s). Technology, sports, entrepreneurship, drawing, or why not Rubik’s cube? Tell us how it would add value to team and the company.

The devil is in the details. Double check the basics – company name, right CV, position, contact information, … And please, state clearly what you’re applying for, we can’t read your mind.
Now, if you still want to apply, just send an email at jobs@stepupair.com. If you follow those guidelines, you’ll hear from us, that’s our commitment to you. Good luck, you’ll nail it!