The fitness tracker that revolutionises your training

StepUp Chest Strap
StepUp Chest Strap

StepUp fitness tracker

Chest strap tracking breathing patterns and heart rate.

Mobile and Web app

See your limits and track your progress.

Enhance your training

Train closer to your limits to push them further.

Stop guessing when you’ve gone too far, know it precisely with StepUp Air and improve your training efficiency by up to 20%. Put the strap around your chest and your good to go!

Connect StepUp Air with your smartphone or smartwatch and get detailed insights on your training sessions. Track your performances using breathing patterns and heart rate and have an overview of your progress, with threshold values and VO2max. Maybe we can prevent an effort test in your favorite lab!

You can also access your data from anywhere on the cloud platform via your computer, with detailed data visualizations and easy export features.
Be confident about your training!

Know when available

It’s not rocket science, it’s your body

Breathing is so vital in sports, it brings oxygen to your body, major fuel providing energy to your muscles. When the level of oxygen is sufficient to make your muscles work, you are in the aerobic zone.

When the effort becomes more intense, you can reach a point where oxygen is lacking and you enter into the aero-anaerobic zone. The body has to cope with a shortage of energy, producing it through other methods and creating lactic acid, which has to be destroyed. This process creates more CO2, and the breathing has to intensify significantly to get rid of it.

Another limit can be reached at a higher effort intensity when the lactic acid can’t be eliminated anymore, making the muscles suffocate and provoking another change in the breathing pattern to regulate your metabolism. This last zone is called anaerobic and it can be dangerous if you stay too long in it.

By detecting several changes of breathing pattern, StepUp Air knows at all time in which zone you are training, contrary to a simple heart rate monitor that relies on statistics from other people’s metabolism.
StepUp air uses SmartAlerts to tell you when you have reached a new zone and helps you achieve the training you want by pushing you at this tipping point where you improve the most.

Know when available

The technology inside

StepUp Air brings you the latest advances in the world of sensor technologies and electronics.

When you are breathing in your lungs are expanding, and that’s exactly what the strap detects with precision. We have embedded a state-of-the-art technology tracking your chest movements, plus a heart-rate monitor, that has an undeniable precision.

Bundle this with algorithms made by our engineering team, a reliable Bluetooth/ANT+ connection and a modern look built by our design team, you get the future of fitness trackers: conformable, accurate, robust and with a long battery life.

Know when available

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