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Breathing Based Chest Strap

Level Up the Performance of Your Team With StepUp Air

With advanced user metrics your athletes can train smarter. The data helps quantify performance and adjusts to the ideal training volume. This can prolong training as well as enhance your athlete’s performance to get an edge over other athletes who may only track heart rate or speed.

Brand new data-oriented technology

Easy to wear

The chest strap is made from light materials, which makes it easy to put on and take off.


Get data anywhere thanks to our 4G connection or alternatively use WiFi.

Wireless charging

Comes with a wireless charger able to fully charge the device within 55 minutes.

Real time feedback

Combined with a sports watch you can get access to breathing capacity in real time.

Improve training efficiency

Research has shown that athletes training within 80-90% of their lung capacity have improved their training efficiency by 20%

Avoid athlete overtraining

By measuring the fatigue of the players you can stop them from overtraining and minimise the risk of injury.

Save Time and Resources

Replace inconvenient VO2 Max tests and rely on a new technology that can bring the statistics to your device in real-time.

A unique chance for coaches

StepUp Air provides teams with a unique breathing wearable which gives the team coaches a chance to get an understanding on important physiological aspects of their team players. When athletes use the chest wearable, the coach has access to see the data and adapt their training intensity to it or even substitute the player at the right time to avoid injury or overtraining.

Athletes' workload made accurate
And easy!


Lasting around 40 hours of intensive use when fully charged.


Comfortable wear which athlete can almost forget he uses when training.


With custom data metrics it is easy to optimize the training volume or intensity based on the body reaction.


The product has been scientifically validated and proves the accuracy of the absolute 100%.

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