Breathing is vital in sports. It brings oxygen to the body, fuel providing energy to muscles. When the level of oxygen is sufficient to make muscles work, its called aerobic zone.

When the effort becomes more intense, the athlete reaches a point where oxygen is lacking and enters into the aero-anaerobic zone. The body has to cope with a shortage of energy, producing it through other methods and creating lactic acid, which has to be destroyed. This process creates more CO2, and the breathing has to intensify significantly to get rid of it.

Brand New Technology. Data-Oriented. Become An Early Adaptor.

Easy to wear

The chest strap is from light materials, which makes it easy to put on or take off after training.

Real time feedback

Combined with a sports watch you can get access to the breathing capacity in real time.

Wireless charging

Comes with an wireless charger able to fully charge the device within 55 minutes.


Get data anywhere thanks to our 4G connection. Alternatively use WiFi.

Level up


We believe in versatility, therefore we allow any team sports to measure their breathing patterns to improve training performance. So, for example, we are open to working with American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice- Hockey and Soccer teams for the time being.

About us

Years of development

It all started in 2015 from a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, an established company and students who had an idea of measuring breathing to help sportspeople.  It turned out that the feedback the team gathered was very engaging. Combined with the ardent desire of the founders, StepUp Air was born. The project was further developed until November 2016 when the founders started the adventure full time. Today, the team has grown to 18 hard-working people, giving their best to make StepUp Air a success!

Individual athlete device

Available soon.